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I remember growing up, my mom making jam in the kitchen.

She would ask ‘Ricky, do you want to help clean the berries for me’? Excitedly, I would hull the strawberries that she had picked from the garden that morning, wash the raspberries and blackberries and get them ready for her. As I got older, when she would ask me what I wanted for Christmas, I would give her the same answer every year: ‘Just some jars of the best raspberry jam on the planet!’

Every time I am in the kitchen now, making jam, I remember the times I spent with her in the kitchen and how lucky I was to have such an amazing Mom!

I hope you will enjoy eating my jam as much as I enjoy making it!
I will even share the one ‘secret’ ingredient: LOVE!

$6 for a half-pint jar of delicious homemade Jam!

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  • “I have tried several flavors and each one is better than the next! I love how natural they are…simplicity is best! Thanks Rich!”
    Marissa Encinas
  • “This is, by far, the most delicious strawberry jam that I have ever had. Thank you! <3”
    Becki H.
  • “Best jam I have ever had! I love it on pancakes! So amazing! Thanks Rich for making such a great product!”
    Jerry Quintana
  • “The best! Get them every year.”
    Paul Sanchez
  • “Yuuuumy! Strawberry is my favorite. Buy hundreds my friends. Get jamming Ricky!”
    Kent Gearhiser
  • “Can't wait to try! Gramma would be so proud! Let me know when you can get it to Eden!”
    Jared Schiedel


Unopened, the jar is good for 18 months – once opened, it should be refrigerated and is good for about 3 weeks.


- Berries
- Sugar
- Fructose
- Butter (to decrease foaming)